Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rooney's Baptism

Our baby Rooney Jazz just got baptized last Sunday. It was a happy rainbow-themed party even if it was a rainy day. That morning we were greeted by a heavy rainfall. When we finally arrived from the church, there's another round of shower from above. But after the rain, there's a rainbow! And yes, we got rainbows everywhere in this event. Rooney was mostly awake during the baptismal ceremony and during lunchtime, probably enjoying (or staring) everyone whom she just met for the first time that day.

My sister (the one on the left on 2nd photo from below) Sho helped me in making this rainbow party come true! She did the rainbow cake (1st photo above) and most of the other sweet treats everyone enjoyed during the rainy lunch. Our caterer (Kaitlyn's catering at San Jose del Monte City) did an amazing job in making everything look rainbow! We just had one meeting and they got mostly what we wanted to achieve (plus delicious foods).

My niece Ayi (the one on the farthest right on last photo) captured this precious moment by taking beautiful photos of this event.

It was such a simple happy day for everyone! There's your family and friends from places far from our home and most of them you can only be with on special occasions like this. I suggest that events like this should happen more often! :)


(I'll have another post on the details of the behind the scenes of this event. And how we did the rainbow cake.)

Rainbow cake with M&Ms and Goya Take It (or KitKat), Baptismal dress and socks from SM Dept Store, Mommy's skirt and Daddy's pants from Oxygen

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