Friday, August 23, 2013

Party invitations

I love party invitations! They tell you what's the party gonna be like, the motiff, the theme, the feel. Also I love how they are like a piece of artwork with the right combination of colors, balancing the elements of design in a single layout, the choice of fonts, etc. So I made my own invitations for my daughters' baptisms. They're two years apart so you can see the difference between my styles. :)

My first-born daughter is Mavis. A bouncing baby girl who weighed in 7.8 pounds on her arrival. We nicknamed her Michipao. It's a made-up name, coined from the words Michelin and Siopao. Michelin because her arms and legs are like the Michelin tires' mascot. And siopao (steamed buns) because of her siopao-like cheeks. I made her a cute illustrated invitation (except her photo, of course) just like her! :)

After two years, here's our second daughter Rooney. A bubbly, all-smiles baby I once called "little blip" (inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey). But she's not even close to being little with a 7.2 pounds newborn baby weight! Because she's one jolly baby, the happy rainbow colors suits her.

Hope you loved it! :)

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