Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Caring for each other

I might be one of the luckiest mom (if not the luckiest) in the world to not just have these two angels but to be able to see them grow up caring for each other. I KNOW it's too early to tell if my baby Rooney will be as caring as her older sister Mavis. But with what Mavis is showing her sister or how she's treating her, I'm confident that Rooney will grow up to be as caring like her too.

Last night, Mavis noticed that one of Rooney's mittens was missing. She was so worried that she needed to call my attention to look after it. When she found it, she tried to put it back on her sister's hand. She's only 2! She couldn't do it on her own so her daddy helped her.

I love my family! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Balancing Act

I have asked myself this question before:

Will I be able to love another just as how much I have loved the first?

I had nine months to prepare myself, my husband, and my daughter for the coming of a new addition to our family. But as what my husband always says, "Let's cross the bridge when we get there." We have discussed how we're going to manage two kids, how we're going to treat them fairly, how to prepare our first daughter for her role as the older sister, how to divide household chores (especially when I finally give birth), how we're going to manage our finances, and a lot more. But he's right, we can only prepare ourselves but to actually know what's going to happen and how we're going to get through it, we need to wait for the arrival of "Little Blip".

May 9th, our little angel arrived. It was a short labor and sort of a quick delivery but definitely not an easy one. Mavis, my first born, was so excited to see me and her baby sister after an hour or less in the delivery room. I think she instantly fell in love with her sister. She was very observant as to how her sister's been treated and cared. She kisses her sister's hands or feet countless times a day. When the baby started crying, she rushes beside her and comforts her, saying "Tahan na."

When I had Mavis, I feared of not being a good mom to her. When I was pregnant with Rooney, my second daughter, I feared of not being fair. But when I finally held Rooney for the first time, I knew I love her just as how much I love her sister. I never knew I would be capable of loving them fairly, of being more understanding, caring, patient. Still, I have my moments of being stressed by my role as a mom of a preschool-aged baby and a newborn. Thankful to the people around me who help me get through each day! My life is a great balancing act and I'm loving every second of it.