Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Online Banking: Bills Payment

Hi! I'm a working mom and part of my job is paying the bills. Budgeting is one of the reasons I get the monthly headaches. Plus, the due dates of our house bills - electricity, water, phone and internet. I hate waiting in queue just to pay my bills. My precious time just gets wasted. Right? Right!

So before I tell you about this online banking, and I know I'm not the first person to use online banking, I just want to put a disclaimer that I don't advertise my bank and its services. I'm just one happy client! :)

When I started earning money, online banking isn't a big thing for me. I have all the time in the world as a single lady to fall in line (in banks and bills payment centers) to pay my bills. But when I became a mom, half an hour in line or less is already considered wasted time. I mean, what creative thing can you do while you're in line? (If you have any idea, let me know.) :) So, introducing my bank's online services: www.bpiexpressonline.com. What a life saver! I have enrolled all my bills and started paying them online! Yey! Even while I'm at home cooking and suddenly remember it's my due date, I can just go online, log in, and pay my bills! It's that easy. But of course there are other downsides, like if I REALLY forget my deadline and 4 days have passed already, I can't pay my electric bill thru my bank anymore. I have to go to its nearest office or to a Bayad Center to pay. So your calendars and an alarm are very, VERY important!

So back to online banking, aside from paying your bills, there are other things you can do in BPI Express Online. First and foremost, it's 24/7 banking. Wherever you are and whatever time you're available to face your financial (problems) responsibilities, the bank is open to serve you. You can transfer funds to other enrolled bank accounts, apply for loans, purchase prepaid loads for your phone, and a lot of other things. Do I sound like one happy customer? Haha!

Anyway, I just paid my phone/internet bill while I work. :) What's multitasking? Thanks, online banking! Thank you BPI! :)

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