Sunday, June 23, 2013

To my daughters

There are times when I just become so inspired that I just begin writing down or finishing a sketch. This one I wrote in March 13, 2013:

I can't choose who your friends will be
I can't demand you to have the same faith as mine
I can't guarantee you a perfect life
I can't make the stars fall down to your feet or
Even let you sleep in the clouds
I can't dictate who you will become when you grow up
I can't choose who will be your enemies
I may not be able to be with you
Every second of your life
But I always think of you
I won't decide for you except for now
Because you still don't know how to decide
But when you do, I will support you with your decisions
But always remember that you will be the one
Who needs to face the consequences of your actions
I can be your guide, your reference about life
But i didn't experience everything
There are some you might learn from other's experiences
Or even from your own
But please don't take the path of learning things
Through painful experiences or
Through the hard way
Your mommy's heart can be as tough as a warrior
But is also as weak as a babt
I can't bear to witness your pains or sufferings
But with God, everything is possible. :)
Always remember that I love you
Since the day I felt your presence in my body.

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